More than thirty years ago, on October 22, 1984, Beginnings opened its doors to its first students. This was after almost a year of rezoning, remodeling an existing structure, landscaping and building a playground, all to create a preschool for 60 children. When we opened our doors, we had three classes, three teachers, a total of seven children …. and a lot of debt!

But we also had a lot of faith, and the children started coming, and coming, until we were filled to our original capacity of 60 children. In 1986 we expanded our facility, adding an office, kitchen, adult bathroom and four classrooms. This enabled Beginnings to care for 120 children with a staff of 22 very special teachers and administrators. In 2000 we constructed a multi-purpose room and a library-resource room for children, teachers, and parents. And finally….in 2005 we built four brand-new, state of the art, playgrounds !

“You’ve come a long way, Baby!” can certainly be said of Beginnings. And along the way we have had the privilege and joy of educating and caring for well over a thousand children. Throughout the years we have tried to carry out our mission to be “Christ’s Hands Extended” as we provide a safe and loving place for children to learn.
We were the first early childhood program in the county (and 4th in the state of Florida) to become nationally accredited, a hallmark of quality. We have been accredited by both state and national accrediting organizations. We were chosen to pilot preschool programs for the American Heart Association and State Fire Prevention Initiative. We raised funds and supplies for victims of natural disasters, gifts for foster children, and food for the hungry. We have served as a model training site for students from Palm Beach Community College, (now known as Palm Beach State), Florida Atlantic University, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Santaluces High School and Lake Worth High School.

One of the primary reasons Beginnings has enjoyed over 30 successful years is because of the teachers and administrators who come here. The staff at Beginnings is exceptional. They are unmatched in Palm Beach County and perhaps the state. Any school is only as good as its classroom teachers and our teachers make Beginnings a unique school of outstanding quality.

The many years since 1984 have been wonderful! Most importantly, God has been our source, our inspiration and our continued support. As we continue nurturing and educating young children, we give thanks for God’s blessings, we thank our parents for the beautiful trust they put in us, we thank all the teachers who have helped shape Beginnings, and most of all, we thank the children….they are our reason for being.