“Kaitlyn was crying and so sad because she couldn’t come to school yesterday and today.  That’s how much she loves Beginnings.  Thanks so much.”
Neil and Christy S.

“You know you have found the right school when you literally have to carry your child out because he does not want to leave!  The professionalism of the staff is only over shadowed by their friendliness”
Zaid and Jen A.

“Beginnings has been a part of our family for approximately four years now.  I knew from the first time I visited the school that this was the right place for my children.  The school had such warmth.  You could tell it was child centered.  Everyone was very kind and inviting.  One of the things that I love most about the school is that every teacher seems to know every single student.

With every new year, I have been completely satisfied with the group of teachers my children have had.  Each year both of my children flourished academically, spiritually, and mentally.

By the time my children were ready to leave Beginnings, they were fully ready for kindergarten.  They were independent and confident.  Both my children have had the most wonderful experiences as a part of your school and it is all because of the leadership and the staff.

Therefore, I want to thank you for making my children’s first experience into formal education a successful one.  One which they will look back on and cherish.  The name of the school is perfect because what you and your staff give to ever child is a perfect beginning.”

Suzane M.

“As a parent, I especially enjoyed receiving her daily report card, weekly schedule and monthly calendar.  The advanced notice of various events, whether it is school spirit week, the art show and lessons for the week allowed me to stay involved and provide reinforcement at home.  I commend you for the design of the lesson plans.  Your strategy for integrating learning themes into planned, fun activities was noticed and remarkable.  I look forward to another great year.
Rocky and Sherry L.