The philosophy at Beginnings is one of a multi-sensory, hands-on approach to learning. It is our goal to educate and prepare the whole child, not just in the academic sense but on a social, emotional, physical and spiritual level as well-being.

pre_kThrough our weekly themes the children expand their view of the world around them. Kindness, consideration of others, manners and respect are developed throughout the age levels. Building a positive self concept in each and every child is essential to the child’s success and well being. ¬†Children at all age levels are taught science, art, music, drama and social studies which are woven throughout the curriculum.

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is the final step in the process of preparing the children for “big school”. The emphasis here is on the children’s kindergarten readiness skills, independence, confidence, and love of learning. The children learn sight words, sound blends and phonemic awareness to assist in reading. Patterning, sorting, classification and number concepts prepare the children for learning higher math skills. Our pre-kindergarten teachers provide daily opportunities for increasing comprehension, listening and recall, fine motor and writing ability, beginning reading, vocabulary, creative thinking, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills. Our children leave for kindergarten as well-rounded, excited, competent individuals off to face the world.

When they graduate from Beginnings, many of our children are accepted into the best private schools and gifted programs in the public schools. Our children consistently achieve some of the highest scores in the county on the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. These assesments are administered once the children enter kindergarten. That, along with our outstanding reputation within the community since 1984, confirms our ability to prepare children to be successful in school.