The philosophy at Beginnings is one of a multi-sensory, hands-on approach to learning. It is our goal to educate and prepare the whole child, not just in the academic sense but on a social, emotional, physical and spiritual level as well-being.

threesThrough our weekly themes the children expand their view of the world around them. Kindness, consideration of others, manners and respect are developed throughout the age levels. Building a positive self concept in each and every child is essential to the child’s success and well being.  Children at all age levels are taught science, art, music, drama and social studies which are woven throughout the curriculum.

The three year old program builds on the skills acquired in the twos. The level of competency has escalated to allow for more focus on the academic skills along with continuing the social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth. Number recognition and the concept of the numbers along with phonics and letter recognition are integral parts of the weekly lessons. Each week the class focuses on one particular letter and the sound that letter makes and one number and what that number represents. The letter, phonics sound and the number are integrated into all of the week’s activities. Independence skills and using the classroom materials appropriately are a focus as well. Self care tasks such as being able to manipulate zippers, buttons, and snaps are important for self esteem and independence.