The philosophy at Beginnings is one of a multi-sensory, hands-on approach to learning. It is our goal to educate and prepare the whole child, not just in the academic sense but on a social, emotional, physical and spiritual level as well.

Through our weekly themes the children expand their view of the world around them. Kindness, consideration of others, manners and respect are developed throughout the age levels. Building a positive self concept in each and every child is essential to the childs success and well being.  Children at all age levels are taught science, art, music, drama and social studies which are woven throughout the curriculum.

For the majority of the children this is their first preschool experience.  These children in particular require a great deal of nurturing, warmth and guidance from the teachers. In both our older and younger two year programs the major emphasis is on social and language development. Some of the skills we will be teaching the two year olds are fine and gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination, cooperative play, vocabulary building, listening, following directions, sharing, taking turns, and visual memory.  Basic pre-reading and pre-math skills are introduced through rote counting, matching, classification, sequencing skills- left to right, name recognition and basic colors and shapes. The children do not have to be potty trained for this age group. It is a skill we will work on throughout the year. The children do have to be fully potty trained in order to move up to the three year old class.